Major Leonard Collins
Chief Deputy

The Barry County Sheriff's Office Patrol division is supervised by the Chief Deputy, Major Leonard Collins. Major Collins has been a Deputy with Barry County for the past 22 years and a Law Enforcement Officer for the past 31 years.  His primary duties include supervising all County Officers, approving shift schedules, maintenance of patrol cars, record keeping and maintenance of officer equipment, officer training, citizen complaints, and walk-in requests.

Barry County currently has 16 patrol officers.  

Patrol Officers are responsible for answering and handling all complaint calls and calls for service or assistance from members of the public. They are responsible for patrolling a county of 791 square miles. They patrol all county roads and provide a visible presence as a proactive measure to help deter crime. Officers respond to calls received by the 911 center and the sheriff's office.  Barry County responds to an average of 250 calls for service every week. All calls for service are responded to by priority of the call. Response time will vary depending on where our officer responds from and how many calls are pending at that time.  Calls for service include : complaints, domestics, assaults, thefts, burglaries, alarms,  accidents, motorist assists.  Along with calls for service all officers are responsible for serving civil process and warrants.  Many Calls for Service require written reports. Once the Officer's report is written, it is forwarded up the chain of command for review. When the report is approved it is either turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for further investigation or forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for the filing of formal charges.

In order to provide the citizens with 24 hour coverage,  officers are assigned patrol zones.  Patrolling in assigned zones provides the citizens with law enforcement presence and helps deter criminal activity.

Our goal is to "Protect & Serve"  the 30,000 plus citizens of Barry County with PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS and EFFICIENT Law Enforcement. 


#65 Lt. Randy Kalbaugh
Day Patrol


#78  Sgt. Taylor Lombard
Night Patrol

#63 Deputy Gary Snook



#62 Deputy Kyle Rhea
Night Patrol

#58 Sgt. Dave Ruark
Day Patrol


#79 Deputy Kayla Strahley
Day Patrol

#75 Lt. Scott Salkill


#73 Deputy Al Zabala
Night Patrol

#70 Deputy Cody Stephens
Day Patrol


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