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The Barry County Sheriff's Office is a member of the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force. (SWMODTF). The task force was created to help fight the growing drug problems in small rural communities.  Because most of Barry County is rural and it contains over 50,000 acres of Mark Twain National Forest, Marijuana growers have found Barry County the perfect place to hide their crops.  Along with the growing of Marijuana, Barry County has become an ideal spot for the infiltration of "meth cooks".  These "cooks" find it easy to obtain all the precursors they need for cooking meth in the smaller rural communities where most of the time their purchases go unnoticed.  The Drug Task Force relies on tips
from "Concerned Citizens" to help stop growers and cooks.  If you have any drug tips, you can e-mail the Barry County Sheriff's Office at tips@barrycountysheriff.com or you can click on the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force link at the bottom of the page and leave a tip on their website.  The SWMODTF website also contains all the information to help you identify the different drugs in our area.


The Drug Task Force operates solely from government and state grants.  Due to the economy, most of the funding has been cut or greatly reduced.  In 2009, the Task Force started accepting donations from the public to help with the loss of grant funding.  If you would like to donate and show your support,  you can contact the Barry County Sheriff's Office at 417-847-6556.  You will receive a membership sticker, showing your support of the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force.


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Drug Task Force Hotline 417-847-5006

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