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Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Saturday and Sunday:  CLOSED

With the exception of post cards, no drop-offs are accepted.  Most items can be purchased by the inmate through their commissary account. 

 Pre-stamped post cards must be purchased through the Post Office. 

If you need assistance from a deputy when the lobby is closed, call non-emergency dispatch at 847-3121.

If you need assistance or have questions from the jail when the lobby is closed, please call 847-3461.


Visitation Information

As of November 1, 2018 we are no longer doing face to face visitation.

We will be providing access to the video visitation kiosk in the lobby at no charge, but will be limited to one 10 minute visit per inmate per week, Monday through Friday 10am-3pm.
The inmate you are visiting with must set up the visit through the system located in the detention area and is responsible for setting up the visit time.
Any person visiting using the lobby kiosk must arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. You must provide a valid photo ID and provide it to the staff manning the lobby window.
If you choose to use the lobby for a visit, keep in mind that once this time is scheduled, another time cannot be scheduled for the same week. If the inmate has court, or if any other circumstances arise, this visit cannot take place and it cannot be rescheduled.
We are also phasing out phone cards, but phone time can be purchased by setting up an account at www.citytelecoin.com, or calling (318) 746-1114.
The inmates have access to call you by either voice or video, and have the ability to send text messages.
The rates for our facility are .35 cents a minute for voice calls, .50 cents a minute for video call, or .50 cents for a text message.
If you encounter any problems with the phone system or have more questions please contact CTC at (318) 746-1114, or on the web at www.citytelecoin.com.

Visitation Dress Code

Visitors are expected to dress appropriately and avoid clothing styles that are revealing or provocative.
Women should wear bras.
No see-through clothing
No clothing that exposes private body parts
No shorts or miniskirts shorter than 4 inches above the middle of the kneecap
No sleeveless shirts or tank tops
No spaghetti strings or shirts that expose the shoulder or midriff
No halter tops
No spandex or leggings
No pajamas worn as outer garments
No hoods of any kind
No bathing suits
No clothing that references obscene language, drugs, sex of violence
No bare feet
No boxer shorts
No clothing with rips, tears or revealing holes that are in areas of the body that may reveal breasts, nipples, buttocks, genital area.
No pajamas or lingerie
No knapsacks
No book bags or back packs
No wallets
NOTE: The jail reserves the right to add to this listing. Always check with the visiting room officer if there are questions.


Inmate Property Allowed & Misc. Instructions
Visitation Rules
Dept of Corrections Personal Property Allowed
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The first known jail was located in the McDowell area. The jail was a log building with an opening on the roof. A ladder was used to put the inmates in & get them out. Food and water was lowered by a bucket and rope.

 Before the courthouse burned down, the jail was located on the 3rd story. After the fire, it was not moved back into the courthouse that now exists.

 A one room cell was built that was located in the now existing Commerce Bank parking lot.

 In 1971, the jail and Sheriff’s office was built at its current location. It included 6 cells, a female cell, a detention cell and a kitchen. The jail could house a total of 16 inmates.

 By 1995-96 it became necessary to do the first expansion of the jail. A single “pod” was added and the inmate capacity was 32.

 In 2005 the need for more room was becoming more prevalent. By 2006 the daily average for inmate population was 44.

2007 – the daily average was 47

2008 – the daily average had grown to a strenuous 49.

 With the new addition of 2 more “pods” the maximum capacity of the jail is now 80.

One of the unique features that we’ve included in our new pods is the triple bunks in each cell. This allows us to utilize the space more effectively.


            Correctional Officer’s Affirmation

As an employee of the Barry County Sheriff’s Office in a jail capacity, I affirm to be a good citizen and a credit to my community, state, and nation at all times. I will abstain from questionable behavior which might bring disrepute to Barry County Sheriff’s Office, my family, my community, and my associates. My lifestyle will be above and beyond reproach and I will constantly strive to set an example of a professional who performs his/her duties according to the laws of our country, state, and community and the policies, procedures, written and verbal orders, and regulations of the Barry County Sheriff’s Office.




Naomi Daniel
Correctional Officer


Tammy Arnold
Correctional Officer






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